Pixel Purgatory DX is a fast-paced 2D action platformer that literally starts with the player's death.

Fight your way through Purgatory, use the blood of your enemies - and your own! - to uncover your sorroundings, and reveal the truth behind your death!

Pixel Purgatory DX is essentially a reimagining of my older game Pixel Purgatory, which was one of my first and simplest games, except made into a full game. I am working on it when I have the time and will, so it will not be completed any time soon.

  • Enemies and bosses inspired the 7 deadly sins.
  • Deal melee and ranged damage with your Knifegun, using the responsive combat system.
  • Use blood particles to uncover hidden areas.
  • Customize your clothing and get different buffs and debuffs to change up the game.
  • Talk to and trade with hilarious NPCs.
Not yet released

Categories: Commercial, Indev
Date: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯