Continuum is an atmospheric sidescrolling exploration / puzzle game where each level is literally endless.

Play as a ghost dude who is dead, but he's somehow still around? Each level is a memory, soft and changing. Walk long enough, and you'll loop around. Can you find peace?

Continuum was originally made in 48 hours for the 15th GM48 game jam. Here, it was rated as the 4th best game overall, 1st in Sound, 1st in Immersion, 2nd in Art, and 7th in Innovation, among a total of 37 entries.

Later, I spent a week or two adding new content, and submitted it to the 2015 indie game making contest. Here it was the 12th highest rated puzzle game, among 50 entries in that genre.

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Categories: Gamejam
Date: 20th of July, 2015 / 7th of August