Blomst is a cute dungeon-crawler full of flowers.

Delve deep into the dungeon of flowers and use the fluid twin-stick style controls to collect beautiful flora and pick on skeleton guys with your huge sword!

Created for the 2016 A Game By Its Cover game jam and inspired by this Famicase cover by Ribbon Black. Even though the jam has ended, Blomst is still infrequently being updated. Look forward to updates in the future.

Due to the casual nature of the AGBIC jams, there was no voting on the best games. Blomst is, however, displayed as the 2nd game on the list of entries, which appears to be sorted by popularity, views, downloads, or something of that kind. There were a total of 128 entries.

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Categories: Gamejam, Indev
Date: 8th of August, 2016