Indie game dev, web dev student, Coca-Cola addict, weeb trash from Denmark

Cave of Generations
According to legends, treasure awaits the brave at the bottom of Cave of Generations.
2017 - gamejam
The chemical processes that occur within a metaball in order to maintain life.
2017 - gamejam
Soul Gourd
Shoot the bad guys! When low on HP and ammo, risk your life playing a puzzle game to earn it!
2016 - gamejam
Cute and colourful dungeon crawler full of flowers and skeleton baddies
2016 - gamejam - indev
Platformer in which a tape measure is a grappling hook, and a spirit level rotates the world
2016 - gamejam
Pixel Purgatory DX
Fast-paced 2D action platformer that literally starts with the player's death
20XX - commercial - indev
Legend of Xenia
Retro-inspired open-world Zelda-like with a resolution of just 64x64 pixels
2016 - gamejam
Top-down dungeon crawler about fighting monsters and avoiding dangerous traps
2015 - gamejam
JujuJam Game
Sidescroller in which I travel into a game, in order to seek out and eliminate the developers
2015 - gamejam - prototype
Depth Drive
Space game where you fly deeper into or out of the screen, and use this to crush aliens
2015 - gamejam
Atmospheric puzzle game with minimalistic storytelling and endlessly looping levels
2015 - gamejam
Itty Bitty Pirateships
Top-down ship combat + top-down FTL-inspired ship management, all in one game
2015 - gamejam
Hatsune Miku: Project Diva GB
Short GameBoy-inspired demake of the Project Diva series, made in 1 day
2015 - prototype
Pixel Purgatory
Platformer in which you use your own blood to uncover your surroundings
2015 - gamejam
Dude, Shoot the Aliens!
Super simple shmup. The very first "thing" I made in GameMaker. It's terrible, don't play it
2013 - prototype